Does unparking cores increase fps

Every gamer wants to have the best performance for better fps in games, This is why one of the tricks is popular nowadays about increasing fps, Many gamers are discussing about unparking CPU cores and this became a popular topic in recent years. Gamers are confused about one question and that is does unparking cores increase fps? Well, No problem we are here to answer everything related to unpark CPU cores.

The short answer is that in some of the cases unparking does increase fps up to 20%, but in most of the cases but it does not increase FPS in super rare cases. According to Reddit, 80% of users tried to unpark cores to increase fps but they failed and this never worked. Only 20$ users are sussed but got only up to 20% increase in fps.

If you are working or playing games for 8-10 hours every day then it may be alarming if you are thinking to unpark cores.

What are Unparking Cores?

In 2008 windows got a feature of core parking, It parked cores when they are not using anything and allows OS to put the core in sleep that is not being used.

What does Unparking CPU cores do?

While unparking cores will remove that sleep mode on cores and those will be in used 100%. It does have a great impact back in the days but now windows are way smarter about unparking cores.

Does Unparking Cores Increase FPS?

According to most popular gamers’ forums and community; There are different experiences from every other game, Some gamers experienced an increase in fps and some with the same results or decrease in fps.

A lot of gamers reported that unparking react differently to different games and processers.

According to our experience. Core i3 and core i5 generation processers didn’t increase any fps, but core i7 3rg gen actually increased 20% of fps and system performance.

Parked or Unparked Cores For Gaming FPS

unpark cpu cores

But it is best to try yourself and give it a try.

Does Increase In FPS By Unparking Cored DependsOn Games?

Yes, Every game is different. A lot of games uses a high percentage of graphic card and low portion of processor core but in some fps games like counter strike global offensive, the CPU usage is more or equal and plays the main role.

According to our experience, CSGO Increased a massive fps up to 20% while unparking cores.

Does Windows Matter In Unpark CPU cores?

Yes, Windows does matter while unparking your CPU cores. When it comes to older windows 7 and old hardware then you must unparked core because there are high chances of an increase of fps and getting high performance – Old windows were not smart enough to figure out unpacking cores. And you may experience a massive increase in fps

Windows 10 on the other side is an advanced operating system and smart enough to know unparked cores, you might not experience a good increase in frame per second but it may help you to decrease shutting and lag in games. The lag drop happens when windows unpark cores to fix that issue and by unparking manually it will cut that lag time and you won’t feel any shutter or lag.

Does Unparking Cores Have Any Drawbacks? – Is Unparking CPU Good

Yes, Unparking cores will make your CPU open for 100% usage, by which you might experience high power consumption and temperatures.

Not only high temperature, but it will also keep using your cores and it might shoring life spam of your processer.

Note: High Tempertautes can cause fps drops and lower life spam if not fixed on time.

But it’s safe to unpark your CPU if you have a good or moderate CPU cooler which will help you to maintain temperature.

Note: Higher Temperature sometimes caused by the bad thermal paste, Using a good one can fix that issue.

How To Unpark CPU Cores?

There is much third-party software that can do this job very well. CoderBag is one of them.

All you need to do is

  • Download From Site
  • Unzip Using Winrar
  • Open via Administatraer
  • Click Unpark All Cores

and you are pretty much done.

We strongly recommend checking a detailed tutorial before doing that.

Last Answer

Will Unparking cores will increase fps? There is a 50 50 chance of an increase in fps, Increase in performance depends on a lot of things and we cannot say specifically that it will increase fps. A lot of gamers use windows 10 and there is probably no chance of an increase in fps on windows 10.

But give it a try and make sure to record before results before starting.

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