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The majority of the people around the globe have got the center of attraction to be the CPUs and GPUs apart from both of them, they also consider looking at other components of the computers to work and be the best functional on the unit, that is; the Motherboard on the top of the list.

The most important of all the components of the PC is the motherboard. It holds together the parts of the computer to work in alignment without any disruptions. The components it holds together includes a Central Processing Unit (CPU), Storage, and the connectors that will give an output and input of the data and other gadgets.

You will not acquire a quality functioning until and unless you do not consider a best socket 1150 motherboard for gaming PC. Do not try to look for the very cheap and uncertified gaming motherboards because it will cause damage to your PC instead of benefiting it. Many of the up to the mark 1150 motherboards are there in the market, among which some are expensive while others are good to go with your pocket.

Extremely affordable and expensive gaming motherboards only differ in the prices. Jumping to the good news; we have created a list of the best LGA 1150 motherboard in the market, that are both full of great unique features as well as friendly to the budget.

Comparison Of Best 1150 Motherboard

ASUS MAXIMUS VII HERO – Best Socket 1150 Motherboard

best lga 1150 motherboard ddr3

The well-known manufacturers, ASUS launches their best ever products to the market to be consumed by the consumers in the best possible manner. The last launched ASUS HERO 787 LGA 1150 motherboard ruled the market, saving days.

The color combo of red and black looks so attractive that it almost looks like Ranger. It has the black matte finishing and highlights of red dots all around the heatsinks and the slots of expansion. On the side of the PCB, you will find some brighter shades of color, the LEDs at the chipset heatsink looks attractive. The motherboard is the best pair for the best 1150 socket CPU for better performance.

The republic of the gamers logo sits at the top of the packaging to the left side while the name Maximus VII Hero is pasted across the midline while at the bottom on the left side there is the compatibility information printed.

All the ROG series from ASUS come up with the items well equipped with a bunch of accessories that are not only related to the general use and also featured for gaming. This packaging comes to you with a door tag of ‘Do not disturb’, labels of the SATA data cables, and a disk for drivers or software.

The area of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is way nice having space except for little bulky heat sinks of VRM. These heat sinks draw the heat away from your 8 phase 1150 motherboard. We have seen a port for a single Intel i218V LAN. This LAN port has premium capacitors and electrostatic shielding that helps in protecting the surges against the static electricity and power. It possesses 2 ports for USB 2.0 and 4 ports for the 3.0 USB.

  • Possession of a number of slots make it a versatile
  • Comes with Realtek ALC1150 7.1 that channels high definition audio
  • Exceptionally Easy to use
  • Processors save energy instantly
  • BIOS and software are well designed
  • Unit designed to provide a friendlier, easier, and intuitive working
  • Beautiful in design
  • Availability of the USB
  • Packed with many features
  • Good capacity for memory
  • Best for gaming
  • Minimal delay during gameplay
  • Best experience
  • Might crash due to the use for longer durations

 ASUS Mini ITX DDR3 1600 – Best LGA 1150 Mini ITX Motherboard

best lga 1150 motherboard under 150

This item from the brand name ASUS brings you a good quality product. The EZ mode possess by the ASUS, the manufacturers make you able to keep an eye upon the basic data just like, configuration and checking up on the temperature of the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the voltage of the Central Processing Unit (UPS), and the speed of the fan on the 1150 socket motherboard. This EZ mode introduced by ASUS gets you the display option to select the language of your choice, make settings, and boot order of device.

Other than that it provides you the UEFI mode to boot, it does more job than that of the BIOS. UEFI is actually a little operating system of your computer you can say, offered by ASUS to you so that you may experience friendly, easy, and helpful information to help you run your PC.

This model of the motherboard from ASUS have possession of an amazingly fast speed Universal Storage Bus (USB) Boost support. This USB transfers your data 170 percent faster than that of the classic and traditional 3.0 USB. It provides you the real-time network management for controlling the network.

The fan expert ability of this motherboard has excellent control over the quiet balance. You will get to see the BIOS 3 free of the crash for restoring the data of BIOS that is corrupted. The restoration takes place by the USB storage.

2 x SO-DIMM, Max. 16GB, DDR3 1600/1333/1066 MHz Memory. ASUS unique features can be accessed at all one point by the Ai Suite 3 availability. There is a single slot in this motherboard for the full-length Mini PCIe and the Mini SATA. That means you can use each of these both a time.

  • Cools down excellently
  • Have an easy overclocking
  • Beautiful in design
  • Availability of the USB
  • Packed with many features
  • Good capacity for memory
  • Piece of cake to install
  • Supports PCLe
  • Good in performance
  • Great overclocking
  • Not too cheap

ASUS Micro ATX DDR3 1600 – Best Budget LGA 1150 Motherboard

best lga 1150 motherboard for performance

The amazing brand ASUS provides you the 5X protection that enables you to have the best quality 1150 motherboard for your dream computer. This ASUS 5X protection also brings the reliability and durability of the motherboard that lasts for a long while.

 This model of the motherboard from ASUS have possession of an amazingly fast speed Universal Storage Bus (USB) Boost support. This USB transfers your data 170 percent faster than that of the classic and traditional 3.0 USB. The network is controlled by the Real-time bandwidth network management I control.

ASUS unique features can be accessed all at one point by the Ai Suite 3 availability. There is a single slot in this motherboard for the full-length Mini PCIe and the Mini SATA. That means you can use each of these both a time.

This amazing and extremely affordable motherboard from the well-known name, ASUS controls all the case’s fan controls by its efficient Fan Xpert technology.

 ASUS always comes up with a great range of high-quality products with a nice combination of color. One of these great items from ASUS is in a combination of black and yellow that looks way attractive and stylish when peeped through the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

  • Good to go with the budget-friendly people.
  • Having 5X protection, ASUS gives you the high user security.
  • Good in performance
  • Great overclocking
  • Overall efficiency is good
  • Hard good quality aesthetics
  • Great expandability
  • Packed with amazing features
  • Multiple slots
  • no temperature recording

Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 3 – Best Gigabyte LGA 1150 Motherboard

best lga 1150 motherboard overclocking

Millions of millions of shipments of motherboard occurred the past year but we will talk about the motherboard from a brand, Gigabyte that was founded in 1986 and is best serving all the consumers by their amazing items. Gigabyte has become the pioneer of the motherboard industry with a large lineup of products that not only include boards but All-In-Ones, Laptops, Tablets, and Gaming Peripherals.

The Gigabyte Z97X Gaming motherboard is the entry-level gaming motherboard. It is a full deal package with looks and all the required and necessary features that is no doubt worth the price. This excellent motherboard is best suitable for the PC used by gamers. You can get an idea by its design and look that it is fully optimized for the mainstream gamers

The killer audio technology that is, AMP-UP is fitted in the Gigabyte G1 motherboards that give the high quality onboard audio features and technologies. It enables you to experience the amazing sound effects while playing games or watching your favorite drama serial or movie or listening to your favorite songs. Alongside the Realtek ALC1150 make sure to provide you high definition audio.

This great piece from gigabytes is a home for the Killer E2200 Qualcomm Atheros Ethernet controller that brings you a better gaming experience online and play online media. GIGABYTE gaming motherboards feature an onboard SATA Express connector which provides performance far superior to that of current SATA technologies.

It transfers the data at the rate of 10 GB per second which is comparatively higher than that of the SATA Revision 3 which is 6 GB per second. HDMI interface availability is a High-Definition Multimedia Interface which provides up to 5Gb/s video transmitting bandwidth and 8-channel high-quality audio all through a single cable.

The color combo is best suited for gaming setups.

  • Great in performance
  • M.2 and SATA Express support
  • Very good onboard audio
  • NIC is a great deal
  • Easy to install
  • Availability of the USB
  • Packed with many features
  • Good capacity for memory
  • Best experienc
  • BIOS interface needs a little improvement.

Asus ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboard

best lga 1150 motherboard on budget

This amazing item from none other than ASUS is equipped with 5-way optimization that optimizes by the 5 intelligent and efficient processor 5. The SATA express enables you to transfer your precious data to and from the computer at the rate of 10 GB per second. M.2 support is also there that helps you in the connectivity concerns at such a less duration of time.

The Turbo App technology it has to get you to experience faster and amazing gameplay. So the gamers should not feel worried about the performance it provides. Your motherboard is in total control anywhere at any time of the day by the most efficient and handy Remote GO! Feature.

Get yourself this great in performance type of motherboard for your new PC because it has the flawless audio feature with the name Crystal Sound 2, now you can listen to your favorite songs, movies and enjoy the amazing sound effects of your gameplay.

  • Great in performance
  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetic design
  • Durable lasts long
  • USB port available
  • Affordable in price
  • Does not have many PCi ports

BUYER’S GUIDE; Things to know before getting your hands on the LGA 1150 motherboard for your PC.

You should consider the following things in your mind before buying a motherboard for yourself:-

Form Factor:

form factor for lga 1150

Before looking at anything else, primarily you would need to look at the form factor of your motherboard. The most common form factor of motherboards is the ATX that is generally smaller in size and decreases the expansion slots in number that is; micro ATX

If you are not sure about what size motherboard you should buy for your computer, you can fearlessly compare your old motherboard with the one you wish to buy, it will help you in choosing the right size o the motherboard for your computer. So choosing the ATX board would be good because it provides you more of the expansion slots that you will find advantageous.

Socket of Processor:

The next we would mention is the processor socket after the form factor. In the last years, many of the different types of sockets were found among all of them, three are the ones applicable these days, namely; LGA, PGA, and BGA. The motherboards from Intel uses LGA while that of AMD uses PGA. As the BGA sockets are bonded for life to the motherboards because of which they are not able to be upgraded or serviced. Buying a type of processor you need to determine the type of socket on your motherboard.

Random Access Memory (RAM):

Most importantly the determination of the type and size of the Random Access Memory (RAM) depends upon the motherboard that you will buy. We would recommend a motherboard having a space of 16 GB. If you do not intend to buy this much of the memory that soon, you can get it later. Additionally, you need to look for a motherboard having four slots or more than that. Certainly, this exactly means that you can install 2 modules of RAM to start your work on, you will get a spare room later on for upgrading the memory.

PCI slots:

There is a slot or a connection present on the motherboard that allows the expansion cards to be connected to it and are the classic standard type of expansion slots we can see for ages. It totally depends upon the use of your computer and your needs and wants to choose a motherboard having slots that would work well for you. A full-speed PCI Express x 16 slot would be needed by the gamer’s PC and multiple of them as well in case you want to connect multiple cards. You will find motherboards with other slots as well for auxiliary purposes like the sound cards, adapters of WiFi, and other expansions of connectivity.


There is nothing to think about the additional expansion cards if you have got your hands on the motherboard having built-in specifications and features fulfilling your demands. The on-board audio is the common most feature most of the motherboard comes along with. Albeit, they are customarily suitable for the speakers of Mid-Range. If you are looking for a well-equipped motherboard, make sure to consider the availability of the WiFi and Bluetooth. You will have to spend some more money but it will enable you to not feel the need for any expansion card.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA):

Before buying a motherboard you should consider looking for the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) cable ports availability. SATA ports enable your computer to connect to the storage drives and optical drives just like SSD (Solid-state drive) or HDD (Hard disk drive). So it’s important to make sure your motherboard has all the SATA ports you need for all of your drives. It is also worth considering that you need to make sure your motherboard offers the SATA 6 gigabytes standard, which is also known as SATA 3.0. in addition, you may actually need to consider peripheral connections, for instance, a Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0.

Storage or Memory:

For storing the operating system, applications, and data even when the PC is turned off you will need some space. Today, that means choosing between a hard disk drive (HDD) with spinning platters that store data and solid-state drives (SSD) that store data in much faster flash memory. Although SSDs offer high speed but are expensive as compared to the HDDs. While buying a motherboard many of the storage options are there to be connected to the PC that offers you to connect it to both of the kinds to be added as a storage to your PC that is both internal and external connections.

Summing Up the Article:

Many of the models of the motherboards are available in the market with a vast range of differentiated chipsets that are manufactured with different types of models of the Central Processing Unit (CPU). However, numerous of motherboards come to you with the connectivity of the wire and many among them possess WiFi connection so that you will find ease in your use. So you can opt from the above described best models of motherboards having WiFi in this review blog along with the buying guide to help you out in buying the best motherboard for yourself.

The common of the motherboard form factor is ATX and Micro ATX. There is nothing to worry about the form factor of motherboards because the best PC ranges will definitely support form factor more than one. Build your next PC to be the best choosing the right motherboard Alongside the frequently asked questions mentioned here also would enable you to get you out of all of the confusion including the pros and cons of each item.

You might find it a little hard to get a perfect PC for gaming but looking out for the features and specifications will aid in getting the perfect choice for you


What is the best LGA 1150 motherboard?

ASUS MAXIMUS VII HERO is one of the best LGA 1150 motherboard in this list with the 8 phases CPU design and can support ram upto 32 GB ddr3

Does LGA 1150 support ddr4?

No, LGA 1150 does not support DDR4, LGA 1150 only supports DDR3 Rams

Is LGA 1150 outdated?

LGA 1150 is outdated but many people are still using for budget builds in low cheap price .

Is every motherboard compatible with PC?

It is not necessary that every motherboard will work fine with every PC. every motherboard is not compatible with every PC . what you should know is that the size or the factor of formation is considered before knowing the compatibility of the motherboard with the PC. you should have to know the size or form factor for knowing whether it goes compatible with PC or not.

Will my motherboard works fine with random access memory (RAM)?

Every motherboard is not compatible with every type of Random access memory ( RAM). However , before getting yourself a motherboard make sure you check the compatibility of your motherboard with your RAM. you can use a compatibility checker or also the preferred vendor lit on the site of the manufactures of the motherboard.

Do we get motherboards with cables?

You cannot always get cables with motherboards. But few of the manufacturers often add one or more cables, That is; SATA cables beside the accessories with new motherboards. Hence, you can get cables with a few of the motherboards.

Will the graphic cards of PC work okay with my motherboards?

Specific connections are required by the motherboards to be connected by the graphics cards just like the PCI express. The advanced graphic cards and the motherboards are compatible with one another, however, there are some cases like the powerful computers that will not work properly with many of the motherboards. For that, you need to know about the specifications of the motherboard and also the graphic cards so that you will be able to know the issues regarding compatibility.

Does DDR4 motherboards support DDR 3?

The motherboards that are compatible with DDR4 do not support DDR3 plus they are not compatible with the DDR3 RAM.

Do all motherboards have WiFi built-in?

Many of the motherboards do not have an innate WiFi in them. But you can buy a WiFi adapter that will allow the motherboards to be supported by WiFi. In case a motherboard possesses WiFi built-in then you will see it in the specifications of the motherboard.

Why are motherboards so important for your PC?

Motherboards are an important part of the computer because it enables the computer to make good communication among all of the components of the computer. Your computer will not work if you will not have a motherboard on your computer. It is also responsible for the bundle of the specifications and the features of your computer like; the size of your RAM, Bluetooth, and the speed of the WiFi.

What motherboards support Bluetooth?

Sadly, there is no way to figure out whether the motherboard supports Bluetooth or not. Some advanced motherboards have got Bluetooth availability while but many of them do not have. But if you are in need of a Bluetooth enabled motherboard then you can get yourself a USB Bluetooth adapter to access your computer to Bluetooth.

What are the effects of a motherboard in the performance?

Motherboards aids in the regulation of the temperature and power of every part of the computer and also helps in the communication of different parts of the computer. Besides that, the performance of the computer can be affected by the motherboard.

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