Best 120mm AIO cooler

The best AIO cooler is one that works flawlessly with your PC regardless that you have a normal machine or you have a high-end gaming machine. 

These days due to various programs and software, CPUs can get extremely hot, despite performance-to-TDP ratios, especially if you are using the overclocked machine. 

On the other hand, overclocking is not uncommon these days. You will find many graphically intensive programs and games being released frequently; hence overclocking has become more common. A good AIO cooler allows you to use overclocked use and helps bring out more performance with less risk of affecting your CPU.

So, if you really want to take your PC’s performance to an entirely different level, then you have to cool things down. The key here is to understand that the faster your CPU works, the cooler it should remain. The only problem is…

How to do it?

The idea of using liquid cooling on electricity looks counterintuitive, but if you know how to do it, the results are awesome. To make things simpler, why not have a look at our rundown of the best 120mm AIO on the market?

Top Reviewd Best 120mm Liquid Cooler Comparison

CPU CoolerSupport Noise Level Price
EK 120mm Intel/AMD25 dBCheck Price
Corsair Hydro Series H60 Intel/AMD28.3 dBCheck Price
CORSAIR Hydro Series H80 Intel/AMD24.5 dBCheck Price
NZXT Kraken M22 Intel/AMD25 dBCheck Price
EVGA CLCIntel/AMD20 dBCheck Price
Cooler Master ML120L Intel/AMD30 dBCheck Price
Thermaltake TH120 Intel/AMD28.2 dBCheck Price
Asus ROG Strix LCIntel/AMD37.6 dBCheck Price
ARCTIC Liquid Freezer IIIntel/AMD22.5 dBCheck Price
Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC120LIntel/AMD30 dBCheck Price

EK AIO D-RGB ”Editor’s Pick”

best 120mm liquid cooler EK

Featuring a universal water block, this EK AIO D-RGB AIO liquid CPU cooler comes with all the features that you will need for any mainstream and demanding CPU.

Furthermore, installing this EK AIO is simple and quick. You will get all the necessary instructions and a detailed product manual within the pack that you can review if needed.

Moreover, the unit also features a 120mm fan that provides a superb AIO liquid CPU.

Plus, you will not notice any noise from its pump and fan during operation.

The AIO also features a sleeved and reinforced rubber tubing that comes nicely covered in aluminum to enhance its durability.

Similarly, if your topmost priorities are looks and temperature control, you cannot go wrong with this EK D-RGB AIO CPU cooler.

Its performance is exceptional for both stock and overclocking. The unit’s hose is much thicker, and you can comfortably rotate it away from the pump as per your preferences.

Besides, this EK 120mm Liquid CPU cooler efficiently maintains the adequate temperature inside your PC. As per makers, it keeps your CPU 4 degrees more cooler than the other expensive 120mm liquid coolers on the market.

In simple words, it comes with all the features required for optimum cooling.

Lastly, this EK 120mm AIO D-RGB Liquid CPU Cooler offers the best performance and maintains CPU temperatures even under extreme loads.

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CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H60 Single AIO Cooler– Keep Your CPU Cool for Gaming

CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H60 Single AIO Cooler– Keep Your CPU Cool for Gaming

If you want a reliable CPU liquid cooler with great performance potential, you have to check this CORSAIR HYDRO SERIES H60 Single AIO Cooler.

Its torrent of top-notch features will indeed live up to your fancy build and guarantee better and cool working regardless of your usage.

The first thing worthy of mentioning here is its fan speed that can operate within 600 to 1700RPM due to its customized acceleration control.

Plus, it comes with a 120mm high-powered radiator that delivers enhanced cooling for all PC components in no time.

As for the airflow, this AIO offers an upgraded burst for optimum PC performance; thanks to its 57.2 CFM airflow at a 28.3dBA noise level, you can easily keep any PC cool for less noise.

The unit also features Impressive designs and assures simple installation and reliable customer support. Plus, the unit is highly versatile, and you can use it will all modern sockets.

You will also find an LED-lit pump head that gives it a bright and premium look and allows for simple and quick monitoring.

Thanks to its bright white light, you can comfortably check your system’s health while it is in use. The bright white illumination also helps to improve your PC’s overall look.

Besides, there is an innovative build on the fan’s pump along with a cold plate that promotes efficient cooling during operation.

Makers have maintained the focus on the unit’s thermal optimization when manufacturing the unit, enhancing the cooler’s heat dissipation potential.

Lastly, after carefully reviewing the AIO, we can safely say that it has the great potential to provide better heat transfer and optimum cooling. Hence it can be the right choice for your fancy setup.

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CORSAIR Hydro Series H80 AIO Liquid Cooler– Exceptional CPU Cooler for Less Sound

Keep Your CPU Cool for Gaming

Here comes another exciting approach to cooling; this Corsair H80 AIO liquid cooler is all about efficiency rather than brute force.

We can assure you that this AIO delivers a quick and efficient cooling mechanism that runs silently in the background.

Furthermore, this AIO uses static pressure to eliminate all the heat generated by various PC components in the first place.

The unit features the perfect balance of the throughput of the cooling system, replenishing the air and water constantly.

This also means it will remove all the waste and excess heat without pushing too hard.

This cooling mechanism is smart and enables you to check that your coolant is performing continually.

The unit also features large-diameter tubing, something the is vital for efficient and quick cooling, and nowadays, you will find it in all premium AIO.

Moreover, the large diameter tube is less prone to annoying leaks and comes with a thick sidewall that ensures a longer working life and more resistance to pressure and strains.

Besides, the included magnetic brackets make things extremely effortless and ensure that mounting is a one-hand job. The unit features a universal mount that is straightforward, robust, and well-designed.

Overall, it has all the capabilities to deliver the best cooling without any issues. The price is also right, and its durability ensures that you will use it for many years.

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NZXT Kraken M22 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler– Advanced Lighting with Amazing Color

Advanced Lighting with Amazing Color

CPU builders who are looking for a worthy investment in terms of cooling should consider this NZXT Kraken M22 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler.

You will get all the key specs and features below in this read, and who knows, it is the AIO that you have been looking for in your innovative PC to get an enhanced heat dispersion and increased performance.

One thing that we can guarantee when you have this NZXT M22 120mm AIO is enhanced cooling performance. 

The reason being, it comes with a powerful 3000-RPM pump speed.

Its airflow rating delivers a much-needed boost to your PC, while its impressive radiator dimension ensures optimum cooling.

Measuring at 152mm by 120mm by 30mm, consistent and optimum airflow is sure from this cooler.

Besides, the unit also features advanced lightning with amazing colors. The AIO’s noise range is also impressive, and it will not disturb your smooth computing.

To be precise, it features 21 ~ 38dBA noise levels; hence you can rest assured of a silent cooling during operation.

Additionally, the fan includes several control features, and you can control all of them via its CAM software.

The unit also features ten LED modes that you can easily tweak to get a customized appearance. Furthermore, using the CAM software also includes simple-to-use audio control options.

You will also get an infinity mirror to build with this AIO cooler, along with several monitoring channels that make monitoring of liquid temperature, pump speed a breeze.

The unit’s fans feature attractive patterns and are designed to work in combination with the other components of the AIO. All these effective features deliver a sure boost for your PC.

Lastly, makers assure you up to six years of comprehensive coverage and warranty along with excellent customer support. With such an extensive warranty period, we assure you that you will get a higher return for your bucks.

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EVGA CLC 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler– Brilliant CPU Cooler for Overclocking

Brilliant CPU Cooler for Overclocking

Next comes an AIO on our list that is both affordable and does an excellent job of keeping your overclocked computer cool, the EVGA CLC 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler.

At a glance, you will not find anything fancy in this unit. I mean, there is no fancy RGB lighting or any colorful designs.

However, it features an RGB option. We have included the unit on our list due to its supreme functionality and high returns.

But keep in mind this AIO is not the most suitable choice for some people looking for a flashy AIO, but the working is far better than the others.

As for its cooling performance, this EVGA AIO features a neat and clean design and won’t create any mess inside of your PC.

Neither will you have to deal with dangling and tangling cables when installing this AIO. This is vital if you care about your PC’s aesthetics.

Furthermore, the airflow of this cooler is strong and much better than some cheap AIO liquid coolers, even if you install it for highly overclocked PCs.

Moreover, another significant benefit of having this EVGA CLC 120mm CPU Liquid Cooler is that the unit delivers a completely silent working. To be precise, it operates at only 20 decibels.

Lastly, installing is a breeze if you are familiar with such tasks. Overall, this is the best AIO in the 120mm class that you can get at an affordable price and serves the purpose well.

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Cooler Master ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler– Optimal Liquid CPU Cooler for Static Pressure

Tech fanatics looking for the best 120mm liquid cooler that is compatible with AMD and Intel motherboard must check this option Cooler Master ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler.

The unit features compact dimensions around 6.2” by 4.7” by 1.1”; this liquid cooler offers a perfect fit for several PC casings.

Furthermore, it also features a high-density 120mm radiator that offers ample support and makes it an optimal liquid CPU cooler with great cooling potential.

Moreover, you will find two durable tubes on this AIO liquid cooler that further adds to its overall appearance and cooling performance.

You will find sturdy EPDM material at the unit’s exterior. This durable exterior allows for better cooling, and it is easier to manage.

Another handy feature of this aio CPU cooler master AIO is its anti-leakage design that allows you to use the pre-filled liquids at maximum. Another worth-checking feature on this unit is the RGB controller (wired).

The incredible lighting and color effects make this unit highly appealing and give it a unique touch.

Additionally, for your convenience, the AIO comes with all the necessary hardware that you will need for a simple installation without using any special tools.

Lastly, the unit features a closed-loop design that also improves the unit’s airflow and allows for rapid heat dissipation. All these features of this AIO make it a brilliant choice for highly overclocked PCs out there.

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Thermaltake TH120 ARGB Sync – RGB Colourfull

120mm rgb aio liquid cooler

Featuring the trust of thousands of active users and superb cooling, the Thermaltake’s TH120 ARGB Sync comes next on our list.

This addressable RGB LEDs Sync AIO by Thermaltake offers easy installation and maintenance-free working.

The cooler’s compact dimension won’t acquire much space inside your PC, but optimum cooling is guaranteed.

Plus, this all-in-one 120mm liquid cooler also supports 5V RGB boards, and it is compatible will almost all motherboards.

Thermaltake comes in a 240mm liquid cooler too if you are looking for more stable temps with med range CPU.

Thermaltake’s ARGB Sync is among the best all-in-one liquid cooler that comes with 120mm powerful high static pressure fans and an efficient radiator along with a large water block.

Besides, you will also fin 16.8M RGB color illumination with multiple lighting modes through the smart fan controllers or synchronize with RGB software for stunning output.

Moreover, you can easily switch LED modes, LED colors, and lighting speeds via its ARGB controller while using a motherboard without using its 5V addressable RGB header.

You can also switch between flow, full light, RGB spectrum, ripple, pulse, blink, wave, and off modes with various LED speed options.

The unit comes with a well-designed 120mm large surface radiator that enhances the heat dissipation process. At the same time, its high-static pressure fan maintains adequate temperature throughout the system.

We also liked the quality of the pump that maintains sufficient water circulation and also keeps the copper plate seamlessly cool. Moreover, no refill is needed with this AIO as the low evaporation tube efficiently reduces the loss of coolant.

The water block’s copper base plate has been improved, allowing for greater heat conductivity and enhanced cooling efficacy.

Lastly, the price might be a bit higher, but all these useful features and the brand name justifies it well.

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Asus LC 120 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler– Advanced CPU Cooler for Reasonable Price

Advanced CPU Cooler for Reasonable Price

Here comes the best 120mm all-in-one liquid cooler for all demanding gaming builds that too at an affordable price by the ASUS.

This ROG Strix LC 120 RGB cooler is ideal for RGB enthusiasts.

The unit features the effective closed-loop design as you have seen in previous models, but this particular Asus AIO has much more benefits for you.

The ASUS ROG Strix LC 120 features Aura Sync and a 120mm addressable RGB radiator fan for the best cooling.

Moreover, the fan is ROG designed for an optimized and consistent airflow while maintaining sufficient static pressure.

The AIO also features individually RGB, and NCVM-coating covers the pump and adds to its modern aesthetics. While it’s reinforced, sleeved tubing ensures better cooling and ultimate durability.

The unit comes with addressable RGB radiator fans that deliver the optimum cooling for your unlocked Intel or AMD systems while highlighting your PC with brilliant multi-color illumination effects.

With its top-notch cooling performance, added features, and unique style, ASUS LC 120 RGB coolers have everything to become a necessary part of your gaming build.

Furthermore, the AIO is compatible with almost all AMD boards. Some of them are AM4, TR4; while you can also use it with Intel 115x, 1366, 2011-3, 2066.

The cooler features micro-channel technology that is specifically designed to deliver low thermal resistance to other AIO liquid coolers.

Lastly, its precise PWM pump and Fan controls maximize the system’s cooling while reducing unnecessary noise. To keep you cool, the makers offer a 5-year warranty on the purchase.

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ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 120

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 120

The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II features an improved PWM-controlled pump design designed to deliver unmatched efficiency with low power usage and silent operation.

According to the makers, this new and improved pump ensures a perfect ratio of supreme cooling with the minimum noise level.

In addition to this, you will also find an integrated motherboard VRM cooling solution. It is something that you will not find in other AIO coolers.

The cooler also features a 40mm blower-type fan setup that goes into the pump body and blows out cool air in multiple directions.

Another feature that we loved in this AIO is its neat and tidy look. You will see that all the cables come in sleeved tubes to offer a clean look.

Furthermore, all fan cables can be connected to the pump housing from the tube sleeves effortlessly.

Additionally, this Arctic’s Liquid Freezer II all-in-one liquid cooler is designed for extreme overclocking, and it can efficiently dissipate heat up to 300 W TDP.

The Freezer II features two Arctic 120mm pressure-optimized fans made for high static pressure output and optimum cooling performance.

For much extreme overlook, we recommend using something better than 120mm CPU coolers. 360mm liquid coolers are top of the line in aio and work flawlessly on around every high-end CPU with stable temperatures

Overall, the unit’s design is simple and minimalist. The all-black cooler looks elegant, but we missed the unique flair RGB lights or LEDs.

So, be aware that you will not find any RGB lighting in this AIO, which can be a refreshing change for some users.

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Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC120L V2 RGB ”Best Budget Pick”

Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC120L V2 RGB ”Best Budget Pick”

Due to its affordable price and several prominent features, the Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC120E can be described as the perfect gateway to liquid refrigeration.

Featuring compact dimensions and high compatibility levels, you can rely on this Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC120E.

The unit is well-suited to use with both intel cpu sockets and AMD sockets and delivers optimal heat dissipation thanks to its dual-chamber technology.

Besides, it also features braided tubes and an efficient 120mm fan. Plus, you will get that unique flair of vibrant RGB LED lighting in this AIO.

On all fronts, this is the most attractive AIO on the market. The RGB lighting stands above the rest, while its reliable cooling is efficient than some other larger coolers.

Above all, its budgeted price makes it an attractive bargain.

Like other AIO liquid coolers on the list, installing this LC120L RGB V2 is also a breeze.

Installation is as simple as fastening some screws, and all PC-builders won’t face any issues while setting this cooler up and running. For your convenience, a thermal paste is also included in the pack to make installation mess-free.

Speaking of compatibility and sockets, you can use this Cooler Master with most modern sockets, including Intel’s 1150, 1156, LGA 2066, 1200, 1151, 2011 v3, 2011 1155, and 1366. The AMD users have support for AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, and FM1.

The unit also features customizable RGB lighting and an elegant matte black shell that goes well with any machine. The lights on the fan and pump and can be controlled via the provided controller without any issues.

Despite its compact build and 120mm radiator, this AIO goes head-to-head with larger AIO liquid coolers and provides you with a similar level of cooling even under heavy loads.

Overall, the Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC120L RGB V2 is an excellent deal as it features the wonderful RGB lighting integration in the 120mm AIO space, excellent cooling performance metrics, and you can get it at the best price. However, some users stated that its two-year warranty period is too short.

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Whether you have a standard PC or designing a whole new gaming build from scratch, picking a reliable AIO cooler as per your needs is a must. Plus, standard coolers are not the best choice for the mainstream CPUs and won’t deliver the best cooling performance. 

Similarly, if your usage includes working on high-end programs or you are using a powerful processor, you need a reliable AIO cooler.

So, the safest approach is to opt for the best 120mm AIO that offers sufficient cooling without disturbing your work. All the all-in-one coolers mentioned above liquid AIO CPU coolers are reliable options that you can use with almost PC cases to obtain efficient cooling. 

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