Before we start explaining the role of a 1155 processor in a computer and its importance, we primary need to know what exactly the processor is in terms of computer. The list included every type of best LGA 1155 CPU that can be used for various tasks. The processor as in general is anything that processes a certain task handed over to it, but if we talk about the processor in computer then it is a small or tiny chip occupied by a computer and different other electronic devices.

The major function of a processor in a computer is to receive the information that is; Input and carries out the expected result that is; Output. It quickly processes the given information or input data storing it for a shorter duration in the Random Access Memory (RAM).

It works performing calculations and brings out the processed data one at a time, enabling the whole computer to run. Different applications need instructions to perform the jobs they are supposed to do, processor helps in the provision of all the instructions.

The speedily it functions, the faster our computer will operate, as a result, the efficiency and productivity of a computer are elevated. As everyone knows that everybody wants a gaming PC these days and to do some specific tasks and that under budget. The list below describes the few of the best CPU for the LGA 1155 socket reviewed in detail.

Best CPU For LGA 1155


best value lga 1155 cpu

In case you are in search of market-leading technology with a great blend of efficiency and power in performance, you need not look anywhere else. It is the 4 core processor having a 2.0 technology of Max Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading technology besides.

This will help you to perform different vital functions on your computer. This product enables you to experience enhanced graphics and other multitasking abilities. Apart from that, it possesses an unlocked multiplier that is another good hit in its performance. 

It delivers you the enhanced graphics due to its innate visual. This model of Intel is enriched with quick sync video 2.0 and clear video HD  technology and provides you a smooth experience.

A  large smart cache is here in this processor that allows you to experience efficient working. To run multiple commands there is an advanced 256-bit instruction SSE extension that is designed to boost your processor.  It also boosts the processing of videos, analytics regarding finance, and 3D modeling. You get a larger upgrade for the HD integrated graphics from Intel which is known as HD Graphics 4000 these days.

  • Great in performance overall
  • Many improved graphics
  • Efficient in power
  • Unlocked multiplier
  • multi threading
  • A new rig should be built

INTEL CORE i5 2400  REVIEW – Best LGA 1155 i5 CPU

best lga 1155 i5 cpu

If you are someone who is in quest of a powerful Central Processing Unit (CPU) but you are on a budget, that you cannot afford expensive processors, then Intel brings you their best product Core i5 2400 fastest lga 1155 cpu which is no doubt good on your pocket as well as meets your demands.

The best point that this Processor deals with is its ability to consume less power that in return will aid in spending less on the bills of your electricity. This amazing product by Intel comes up with 4 threads and 3.1 GHz of the clock frequency makes it one of the fastest and presiding pieces in the genre of games.

If you rely on games then you can overclock the Central processing unit advancing it to the frequency of 3.4 GHz.  It outperforms the other brands present in the market by the single-thread performance it has. However, the Intel Core i5 2400 is the best 1155 processor no doubt an old model, but it still stands out among the new brands in the market these days.

This central processing unit (CPU) is giving high-quality mechanisms of graphics for its high-performance ability. After being rated by PC Game Benchmark among many of the processors that run 1000 PC games, we rated this processor for 69%. This CPU can easily run GTA V, League of Legends, and also Over-watch.

  • Pocket friendly
  • Reliable in use
  • Less power consumption
  • Do not get up the heat even after longer use
  • Have heat conduction technology
  • Great steady graphics
  • Have overlocking abilities
  • Having no hyper trending skills

INTEL CORE i7-2700K QUAD-CORE – Best Budget LGA 1155 CPU

best budget lga 1155 cpu

The architecture Sandy bridge manufactured a mater piece that we are going to review next in our list. This processor is way powerful in terms of its amazing performance and working as compared to the other.

It is a second-generation processor and some of the users might find it a little bad on their pockets because does not fulfill their demands. You are going to experience great performance while playing games. If you already own a first or second-generation processor, you may upgrade it to this one as it is worthwhile to upgrade.

This outstanding product from Intel is equipped with 4 cores and 8 threads also having a hyper-threading technology. The good news to the gamers! that performs absolutely efficient in gaming because it is a great deal that enables you to efficiently browse on the internet and render.

The bad thing about this product is that it does not come up with a warranty, which makes many of the users go down. But there is nothing to worry about because it is discontinued these days so we are considering it in a used state.

This Intel processor is slightly better than the previous ones in terms of the base and boost clock that results in the best overall Performance. It comes to you with a clock speed of 3.5 GHz but it hits up to 3.9 GHz on max turbo boost technology.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, we would recommend going for this gaming beast to let you play games like Counter-Strike or DoTA 2 that are low on budget. Out of the box, it is compatible with LGA 1155 motherboards making you worry-less of the upgrades.

  • Sandy bridge’s Fastest released CPU
  • Outstanding overclocking ability
  • Have Intel hyperthreading technology
  • Despite having old software it still supports advance games
  • The graphic unit is not as much power as we expected it to be
  • Many of the mainstream users might find it a bit expensive.

INTEL XEON E3-1230 – Best LGA 1155 Xeon CPU For Gaming

best lga 1155 xeon cpu for gaming

Since the time Intel released Xeon E3 6 years ago, the Xeon E3 1230 stood out among them. The Intel Xenon E3 1230 is an excellent deal in the Xeon series till now.  For hyper-threading technology, the quad-core Central Processing Unit is the lowest SKU to have this technology. Having the extra capacity of 8 threads many of the servers will be able to control the workloads. 

If you are looking for a CPU with a good deal of performance along with a good price range then this model is the one to get as soon as possible.  Looking at Intel’s best product Xenon E3 1230 we came to an end result that for such a low cost, this product is a treat having high clock speed and also hyper-threading technology.

If you are not looking to simply light a server up for the lowest cost, the Intel Xeon E3-1230 V6 is worth the incremental cost.

  • Great in performance
  • Good in price
  • Supports Intel Hyperthreading technology
  • Have 4 cores and 8 threads that are sufficient for use
  • Best for multitasking
  • Does not possess a graphic card
  • Run applications well rather than games


best lga 1155 socket cpu

Another big hit in our list is the Intel’s i3 3220T dual Core processor that ensures you to deliver powerful performance. Having a speed of 2.80  Gigahertz it runs your computer efficiently well making you able to fulfill all of your tasks and do your office work more efficiently.

This great masterpiece from the manufacturers, Intel has the ability to handle even those tasks that demands more power. Along with that it also delivers you the speed and accuracy in working.

This Intel Dual Core processor is built with an socket 1155 best cpu that is compatible with your computer and enables you to work without worrying about the interruptions of the connection with your computer.

The Intel Core i3 3220T processor make you sure to provide you enough power so that you will be able to meet the tech industry to perform with excellence in the computing sectors.

  • Have wireless display
  • Does not get warm
  • Have hyper threading technology
  • Good in overall performance
  • Might face minor differences in performance over the last
  • generation.
  • Not good for the advance titles.


best lga 1155 cpus

We are now headed towards the pocket-friendly deal by none other than Intel. The budget-friendly people might get attention to it. The Ivy Bridge has made a good piece of item for the ones who are not able to spend their money over some expensive stuff.

The great and excellent as well as cheap in cost Intel Core i5 3350P is here to serve you all well by its great performance. It will help you in providing a good deal of powerful experience be it in the field of gaming or any other casual use, like, office work and general tasks, etc. We do not claim this item to be the best ever in the range of Intel but we surely would say that is not less efficient than an average item that is good in performance.

If you negotiate in the settings of the games you will find it to be a better and cheap option in the market of Intel. You will be good to go with this item from Intel if you are only into playing grand theft Auto (GTA) or Counter Strike Global Offensive because it will work out absolutely fine without any resistance or limitation.

This item from Intel does not support overclocking, or the hyper threading technology offered by Intel, and its multiplier is locked besides. But if you focus on its provision of performance, then you will come to know that there is no other best option that you would find in the market. It comes to you with 4 cores and four threads that render good service to you.

  • It offers good value for its price.
  • It gives excellent performance in games
  • It is a great choice for budget-friendly people.
  • Affordable in cost
  • Have high clock rates.
  • Does not support hyperthreading
  • Not good for advanced titles.


best lga 1155 processor

Based upon the new name Sandy micro architectures, Intel is unstoppable and brings along its more items with new and more features and specifications every next time.

Our first taste of the new chips comes in the form of the Intel Core i5-2500K and Intel Core i7-2600K desktop CPUs. Grateful to the weird and puzzling functions of the older chips and sockets from the brands that we finally got our hands upon the great range of Intel’s CPUs. Intel deals more in the powerful and even more powerful processors that work best for laptops computers.

That is what Sandy bridge is all about, though Sandy Bridge has a lot to offer for the desktop computers as well. The desktop computers having certain new features just like video hd transcoding engine hardware, and apart from that way improved integrated graphics. At the time of launching, Intel does not deal in a full range of processors but as a whole, it is standing out in around 14 new desktop central processing units on Sandy Bridge. And all those under the brands of Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7.

If we talk about the pricing of these processors than it fluctuates accordingly. The topmost and the bottom-most desktop CPU from Intel does not change. You cannot ignore the processors of Sandy Bridge focusing on any other existing motherboard. Neither you can consume any last Intel processors accompanying the motherboards of Sandy Bridge.

This item from Intel offers you the based value based upon the performance of your computer. This item is embedded with the new technology that is better for experiencing better gaming. It is not that great as the ones like those expensive processors but compromising the price, we can choose it.

It has a good power consumption that would help you in saving money by not spending much on the electricity.

  • Excellent in performance
  • Stock clocks
  • Great overclocking
  • The new integrated video engine
  • Provide steady and rich graphics
  • Good for streaming
  • Good for multitasking
  • Reliable in use
  • Does not heat up more
  • Worth every penny
  • Not so good in performance in games
  • Not compatible with an older motherboard

Buyer’s Guide; What to look for in LGA 1155 CPUs before Buying?

Performance of the processor:

The cycles completed by a processor in a duration of one second is called as its Clock Speed measured in GHz. The more the clock speed of the processor the more would be the efficiency and power of the central processing unit.

If a clock speed is of 1.5 to 2GHz then it would be sufficient for many of the users. It will be enough to run high-resolution media and perform other office tasks as well. But if you are a gamer then you must need more power for which you will need 3 GHz of clock speed to run software of high standard and games.

Expensive Intel processors boost through Turbo Boost Technology that helps in running the processor amazingly efficient. This is partly fruitful in mobile devices where the life of the battery is the key.

Socket Compatibility:

Before buying a processor the compatibility is the first thing to consider. That assures you of the compatibility of the motherboard and Central Processing Unit (CPU) interfacing.

So you need to be aware of the compatibility of the processor with the motherboard socket.


Processors are sold in the market on the basis of how many cores they have. Cores are considered as the brain of the central processing unit (CPU) where the more cores a CPU has, the higher would be the tasks accomplished by the computer in an efficient way.

A dual-core processor would be all you want if you are a casual user, an office person who only likes to watch high-resolution videos and some low-end games. But in case you are fond of playing high rate games or editing videos to 4K then you must need a quad-core processor that enables you to work without any hindrance.

Hyper-Threading Technology is boasted by High-End Intel processors. The advantage of this feature is that it runs multiple threads on each core. It is the same as making the core number twice to run the programs that are compatible in the best way.


The cache is the onboard memory of your Central Processing Unit. As much as the memory of the CPU it would not need to interact with the Random Access Memory (RAM) of your computer to least. As a result of that, the performance of your computer would be up to the mark.

We grade the memory of Cache to L1, L2, and L3. The smallest L1 cache is considered to be the fastest cache among all. On the other hand, L2 and L3 are the slower and larger cache. But if L2 and L3 would be greater in number on a computer then it will perform well and faster.

If you are a casual user of a computer than 2 MB of L3 storage of cache would be sufficient for you to fulfill your daily tasks. But if you are an advanced user then go for the 4 MB or up of L3 cache.

You may want up to 8 MB of the L3 cache if you are running a special software for your specific tasks that will aid in providing you the best performance ever.

Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 Processors:

The CPUs from Intel products deliver you the best to fulfill heavy tasks like high frame rate gaming, editing video to 4K, and all in. For everyday use, Core i3 processors are the perfect choice to make for running productivity and for the amusement of high-resolution media. For a budget build the best LGA 1150 CPU are also know as the best processors for performance if you have less cash and you want to build a lag-free pc.

They are good to go with the laptops and entry-level desktop computers to boost speedily with battery efficient performance. In Intel Core i5 processor you will experience an additional crisp of performance that would be more than enough for the greater number of individuals. Get yourself amazed by the 4K visuals with high speed on powerful compatible displays.

The other possibilities is that you can buy a best am3+ processor , they are also the best options when it comes to budget PC builds .

In Intel Core i7 processor chips are manufactured in such a manner to run your most demanding tasks like; UHD video editing and 4K gaming at 60fps. You can be served by their powerful and efficient performance ability that copes with around any demanding task that you hand over to it without any limitation.

Celeron Processors:

If you are using an entry-level computer and your use of daily use of a computer is quite casual from getting updates from social media to web browsing and playing media. In short, if your computer needs are straightforward you can enhance the power of your entry-level computer by using Intel Celeron Chips.

A wide variety of Celeron is sold in the market for your central processing Units. Before you buy one for yourself, we would recommend having a look at the model and the key specifications that will help to increase the power of your computer.

The biggest advantage of the Intel Celeron chip is that it uses less amount of energy, because of that you can enjoy things on your phone devices when you are out of your home.

Pentium Processors:

Pentium processors from Intel are sold at an affordable price in the market that assures you the liability in performance. Pentium processors are great for the day-to-day use just like in-office setups like creating documents and excel sheets keeping the productivity high.

Casual gaming and playing back high definition media. The reason why you need to buy an Intel processor is its lightweight trait, consumption of low power to help you stay in touch with your loved ones.

You also can enjoy the high definition videos, crystal clear in your free time, or off your work. The range of Pentium Intel processors are high, you have to observe the model number and glance at the specifications to power your computers.


Short Summary

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Content Creation3457


What do you mean by Hz?

Hz is a short form of Hertz. it is the unit of frequency for measuring the speed that is given to the central processing unit (CPU) per second. For 1 Hz or Hertz, we say that it will have a cycle of processing an input per second. While kHz or one- kilo hertz is a cycle of processor per second for 1000 hertz. How ever a processor of frequency 500 Mega Hertz means that it can process the data at a speed of 500,000,000 per second.

What is the purpose of the data bus method in a CPU?

The passage through which the data is passed along the mechanisms of the periphery is called the CPU data bus. The data bus is actually the path or a passage for the movement of the memory from the CPU to the computer. A computer must have many of the bus system.

A processor should possess how many of the cores?

The possession of the number of cores by a processor depends upon the specified requirements of the computer. As an example, the efficiency of the application of Microsoft office will not be able to excel upon a six- core processor. Hence Microsoft will not consume the six cores of the processor. therefore, you need to study the software to determine how many of the cores you need so that it will be easier for you to make a good choice of Central Processing Unit (CPU) accordingly.

What is the fastest LGA 1155 CPU?

INTEL CORE i7 3770K is the fastest LGA 1155 CPU if you are looking for the best bang for the buck; the clock speed up to 3.9Ghz can handle most of the games programs without any lag depends on pc build. The processer is unlocked, which means you can overclock it to more clock speed and more clock speed is equal to more power.

Is LGA 1155 outdated?

Yes, LGA 1155 processors are outdated, but they are still known as one of the best CPUs if you are looking for a budget pc build and powerful gaming pc at a low price. LGA 1155 CPUs are still available on amazon.

Does LGA 1155 support ddr4?

No, LGA 1155 does not support DDR 4 memory, LGA 1155 only supports DDR, but there are still a lot of good options of rams in ddr3 with higher MHz, which can also beat some of the ddr4 memory.

Will a 1150 CPU fit a 1155 socket?

Yes , 1150 CPU can easily fit and are compatible with an 1155 socket because most of the motherboards are Haswell chipset and all Haswell motherboard are LGA 1150


As we all know that there are different types of consumers. Some of the users need a computer to do for some specific work, many need it for gaming while others need if for professional purposes. Therefore, there is no need to buy a high-end computer machine because not all of us want to use it for gaming to have the best performance in games.

Many of us need it for something specific like content writing and video rendering It is said that the Central Processing Unit (CPU) manufactured keeping gamer users in mind come and go by time. But the truth is that the gaming CPUs are available more in the market than ever before.

As a matter of fact, Intel is well known for its pocket-friendly products, which deals in an amazingly efficient and excellent performance. If you are in quest of better streaming CPU, laying games, and CPU for editing videos, you surely would find the best LGA 1155 Central Processing Unit that will meet your need and want after observing the different features and specifications.

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