Before we buy a CPU, we ensure that it has the superior processing power to process all data without any disruption. These best LGA 1150 processors are mostly from Intel or AMD. Both of these giants have their own lineups and generations of processors that we use today for improved gaming performance or handling workload.

Among these CPUs, there are the best LGA 1150 CPU type processors that mostly fit old motherboards. This LGA lineup of processors mostly belongs to 4th or 5th generation processors, that are still considered best for gaming purposes. Before we move onto our top list of LGA 1150 CPUs, let’s first understand LGA processors in a bit of depth.

Best LGA 1150 CPU List

How LGA 1150 is Different?

Different motherboards have sockets of their own type. LGA 1150 socket was officially released back in 2013 for Haswell & Broadwell generation processors. LGA 1150 sockets are also commonly known as H3 Sockets. This LGA socket started an entirely new line up of processors that were mostly from 4th or 5th generations.

If you have a motherboard with LGA 1150 socket then you will need a processor perfectly matching that socket. The number “1150” represents the contact points available on the motherboard. These contact points must match the number of contact points available on the processor For Example, if the socket has 1150 pins then it will eventually fit with a processor having 1150 contact points.

Best LGA 1150 CPU FOR Gaming

We have shortlisted the best 1150 CPU for gaming, In this article, we will review each and every best CPU for 1150 socket for the best performance.

Intel Core i7-4790K Processor

best lga 1150 cpu for gaming

The LGA 1150 socket is now pretty old but still, a lot of people prefer it because they are considered as a budget-friendly option in today’s age. At the same time, LGA 1150 processors are also considered as a budget-friendly option and they provide excellent gaming performance. Now as your concepts about LGA 1150 (Socket & CPU) are clear, let’s move to our best picks for this article where we have researched and found the 10 best LGA 1150 processors based on their prices and performance.

The Core i7-4790K is a beast processor from the LGA 1150 lineup. This processor was launched back in 2014 but still it is being used by mid-tier gamers who are looking for an excellent performing processor at affordable rates. The core-i7 provides you 4 cores with 8 numbers of threads. What matters the most is its single-core performance which ensures that the CPU is good for gaming activities. The gaming performance can be leveled up if you pair i7-4790K with a super graphics card like RTX 2060 Super.

The processor is good for multitasking as well as gaming. It can boost your gaming performance at 1080p quality when paired with a best performing graphics card like RTX 2060 Super. The base frequency of this processor stands at 4.00GHz while the maximum boost frequency is 4.40GHz. The “K” after Core i7-4790K represents that this processor is unlocked which means you can overclock it as per your needs. If you want the best performance from this processor then try overclocking it to 4.70GHz that will immensely boost your performance.

The processor also features an 8MB Smart Cache to further enhance the performance. The i7-4790K also has its own integrated graphics, so if you are currently tight on budget and cannot purchase a graphics card then you can simply stick to the processor’s integrated graphics for a while. The processor comes with a stock cooler and you do not have to buy any separate cooler but if you are going to badly overclock it then it’s recommended to grab a good CPU cooler to prevent any possible damage.

  • Excellent for 1080p Gaming
  • Good for Multitasking
  • Amazing single-core & multi-core performance
  • Stays cool and quiet with a stock cooler
  • Z97 boards supported only

Intel Core i7-4790 Processor

best lga 1150 processor

You might think that i7-4790 and i7-4790K are the same types of processors with “overclocking” differences but it’s not the case. The i7-4790 processors are different in many ways. If we compare both of these processors then the i7-4790K is a clear winner but considering more budget-friendly options, we can go for i7-4790 processors which is quite good for mid-tier gaming and bears some workload. This processor comes with 4 number of cores and 8 threads which are the same as our i7-4790K processor. The processer with good cores is good for streaming and gaming cpu .

The base frequency is 3.6GHz while the maximum boost frequency stands at 4.00GHz which is one of the main differences between these two variants of the processor. It also features 8 MB Smart Cache for an extra performance boost. If you want to pair a GPU with this processor then the best option could be your Gtx 1660ti or Super. This processor allows you to enjoy games at a resolution higher than 1080p which is quite surprising.

Unfortunately, the processor is not unlocked for any type of overclocking so you have to bear with the max boost frequency of this processor which is 4.0GHz. A GPU is a must if you want to enjoy high-resolution games. The processor itself offers you integrated graphics but those are just not enough to fulfill your gaming needs. If your budget allows you to buy a GPU then we highly recommend Gtx 1660ti to maximize your performance. As far as the CPU cooler is concerned, it comes with a dedicated stock cooler which is enough to keep temperatures in control. So, you do not need a separate cooler as overclocking is not possible.

  • Excellent gaming performance at 1080p when paired with a good GPU
  • Budget-Friendly option
  • Power-efficient
  • Cool & Quiet
  • Not Unlocked for overclocking

Intel Core i7-4770 Processor

best cpu among lga 1150

Quad-Core processors from the LGA 1150 line are pretty old but they are still being used to this date. This Core i7-4770 processor was released back in 2013 when LGA 1150 sockets were newly introduced. There are multiple LGA 1150 socket motherboards that support this processor and the installation processor is also quite simple. It’s also a budget-friendly yet a performance-oriented option for gamers and mid-tier editors.

The processor features 4 cores and 8 threads where each core is optimized to its full extent ensuring the best performance. The base clock frequency is 3.40GHz while the maximum boost frequency stands at 3.90GHz which is not bad but better options like the i7-4790K processor are available with far higher maximum frequency. Unfortunately, this Quad-Core processor is locked and it cannot be used for overclocking purposes which is also one of its downsides. It still offers 8MB Smart Cache which is good enough to enhance overall performance.

The processor is overall good if you are mostly going to use it for regular tasks but if gaming is your aim then you should look for a better option. You can also pair it with a fair GPU to enjoy low-tier gaming at a very budget-friendly cost but if you have deep pockets then you must look for better options. The integrated graphics of this processor are just considerable but not good enough. So, it’s clear that this CPU might not be the best choice for gamers.

  • Easy to install
  • Good Performance
  • Budget-Friendly option
  • Good for regular tasks
  • Not good for gaming
  • No overclocking allowed

Intel Core i5-4570 Processor

Intel Core i5-4570 Processor lga 1150 cpu

This is another mid-tier processor from our LGA 1150 lineup. We cannot say this is the extremely fast processor but it’s good enough to handle our day to day task. The processor is extremely cheap and is recommended for those users who are new to gaming and are just going to build their first gaming PC at a very low budget. The performance of this processor is still relevant for many games of today’s age. It smoothly handles your task with the best single & multi-core performance.

The i5-4570 features 4 numbers of cores and 4 threads that are good enough considering its price. The base frequency of this processor is 3.20GHz and the maximum frequency stands at 3.60GHz. As far as it’s base and max frequencies are concerned, they are a bit low if we compare it with a Core-i5 3570 processor that has a higher based and max frequency. This processor also offers you a 6MB Smart Cache to optimize the performance. Furthermore, the processor supports DDR3 memory type.

If you want to play some mid-tier games on this CPU then try to pair it with a GTX 960 (2GB) GPU. It will allow you to play many multiplayer games including Valorant, CSGO, etc. You should only go for this processor if you have an extremely low budget at this moment. Otherwise, it is not recommended to go for this processor, especially for gaming. One downside of this processor is that it cannot be overclocked. You can pair your processor with a stock cooler to keep it cool.

  • Good Performance
  • Single-Core processing is brilliant
  • Can be paired with a GPU for mid-tier gaming
  • Built-in Graphics
  • No overclocking possible

Intel Core i5-4460 Processor

lga 1150 best cpu gaming

This 4th Generation LGA 1150 socket processor is another considerable option at very low prices. The processing power of Core i5 is not as much if we compare it to other LGA 1150 CPUs such as Core i7-4790K but it falls in the low-budget category. You can still get the best out of it in regular usage but don’t expect excellent gaming performance from this CPU.

The CPU has 4 numbers of cores with the same 4 number of threads. The base frequency of this CPU is 3.20GHz while the maximum boost frequency stands at 3.40GHz. The single-core performance of this CPU seems pretty good. You can utilize it to complete day to day tasks and run most of the applications. The 6MB Smart Cache is also a highlight for this CPU that further enhances the performance. Core i5-4460 processor supports DDR3 RAM to temporarily store all on-going tasks. Sadly, the CPU is not unlocked which means you cannot overclock it for higher boost frequencies.

Overall, it is a considerable cheap option if your motherboard supports LGA 1150 processors. The processor was released in 2014 but still, it is being used by millions of people for completing their regular tasks. Low-tier gaming is possible on this CPU but only if you compare it with some budget-friendly Graphics Card. The Intel also provides built-in Intel® HD Graphics 4600. A simple stock cooler is enough to keep temperatures maintained on this CPU. Core i5-4460 is the cheapest yet a solid option for those people who are casual gamers and need a PC for online browsing and other tasks.

  • Considerable Processing Power
  • Good Single-core processing
  • Best for regular tasks
  • Built-in graphics
  • No overclocking possible
  • Not good for gaming

Intel Core i5-4590 Processor

Intel Core i5-4590 Processor

Core i5-4590 provides excellent processing power despite its lower clock rate. It is also compatible with motherboards including Z87 and Z97. You might need to update your BIOS settings if you want to use Core i5-4590 in the Z87 motherboard. The processor is capable of running over the best 1,000+ games that have minimum running requirements.

If we look at the number of cores and threads in this CPU then there is no exception. The Core i5-4590 also features 4 cores and 4 threads as most of the 3rd, 4th generation Core-i5 CPUs. Moreover, the base frequency is 3.30GHz which can be maximized at 3.70GHz for the ultimate performance. The CPU is not unlocked for overclocking which is a downside of this processor. The chip is built on 22nm technology as most of the other basic intel chips. A 6MB Smart Cache is featured for this CPU that optimizes your core performance.

Quick Sync Video enabling is very beneficial for fast video conversions Rapid Storage Technology by Intel also ensures the best performance you can expect from this processor. The processor is not specifically designed for good gaming performance but still, you can get the best out of it after pairing it with a reasonable GPU. You can buy a GPU according to your budget if low-tier gaming is all that you need. Otherwise, Intel has its own built-in graphics that you can utilize on a regular basis to complete your tasks or browse the internet.

  • Quick Sync Video enabling technology
  • Supports Z87 & Z97 motherboards
  • Runs some popular games smoothly
  • Good for regular tasks and browsing the internet
  • No overclocking possible

Intel Core i5-4670K Processor

Intel Core i5-4670K Processor

This processor is a little interesting because it’s specifically made to handle your business needs. You can build a PC with this processor to ensure that your business tasks are aligned with your progress. It is a pretty decent processor available at a reasonable price. The processor is good for optimized performance and multitasking because that’s what you need while handling your clients or business online.

The processor features 4 numbers of cores and 4 threads so that the performance is balanced. The base frequency of this CPU stands at 3.40GHz while the max boost frequency is 3.80GHz. Surprisingly, i5-4670K is an unlocked processor that allows you to overclock the frequencies for maximum boosted performance. The single-core performance is excellent and it is capable of handling various tasks at the same time. The 6MB intel cache further helps to optimize your CPU.

It’s a perfect CPU to run business-intensive applications to complete your tasks. You can also consider it for gaming but you should extend your budget a little bit to get a processor with 8 cores for the best gaming performance and the best 8 Cores LGA 1150 CPU is Core i7-4790K.

  • Best for business-intensive apps
  • Excellent single-core performance
  • Unlocked for overclocking
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Overclocking is not straightforward

Intel Core i5-4690K Processor

Intel Core i5-4690K Processor lga 1150

Another processor that is mostly used in Business Desktop PCs for smooth performance on business-oriented applications. The processor features 4 cores and 4 threads with a base frequency of 3.50GHz and a maximum boost frequency of 3.90 GHz. The CPU is unlocked and you can overclock it as per your business needs.

The 6MB L3 Smart Cache further improves the display performance. It has built-in
Intel® HD Graphics 4600 and you do not need a graphics card until you want to convert it into a gaming PC. However, you should consider at least 8 Core processors for the best gaming performance. Core i5-4690K is more of a business-oriented processor to fulfill your regular needs.

  • Business Oriented Processor
  • Best Performance with Built-in Graphics
  • Excellent for day to day usage
  • Overclocking enabled
  • Not perfect for gaming

Intel Core i3-4150 Processor

Intel Core i3-4150 Processor lga 1150

If you do not take gaming seriously and you are not a computer geek then you can consider Core i3-4150 for your basic tasks. You can buy this processor at extremely cheap prices because of its low specifications. The processor is only good for those who sometimes need their computer for browsing the internet, watching some videos, running some applications, and sending emails. So, if you fall into this category then you don’t have to spend money on expensive processors because here is your option that perfectly meets your requirements.
This CPU offers 2 cores with a 4 number of threads. The single-core performance of this processor is still pretty good but it cannot do a lot of things with just 2 cores. The processor frequency stands at 3.50GHz and it cannot be boosted to its max because 3.50GHz is the end. A 3MB smart cache is still useful to keep performance-optimized. The processor also supports DDR3 memory which shows that the processor is not inferior, it’s just made for those who don’t require much processing power. There is no overclocking possible because the processor itself is clocked at 3.50GHz frequency which cannot be pushed further.

There is no use if you are thinking of pairing a GPU with this processor for gaming. You can still play some games that have little to no requirements but this is not a gaming processor by any means. The processor has built-in Intel® HD Graphics 4400 graphics for good on-screen performance. Overall, it’s the best of online browsers and regular usage to try out small applications.

  • Turbo Boost Technology
  • Good for regular usage, browsing, and running small apps
  • Good Single-core performance
  • Built-in Graphics
  • Not a gaming CPU
  • Just 2 core processors

Intel Core i3-4130 Processor

Intel Core i3-4130 Processor lga 1150

Core i3-4130 is a little inferior to the Core i3-4150 processor. The difference between the performance of these processors is not huge but still, it’s considerable. This processor is even cheaper than Core i3-4130. It will only cost you some bucks but it performs well in regular usage. These types of processors typically have less processing power because they are made for a specific type of people who are not that attached to technology.

The processors have 2 numbers of cores with 4 threads. The single-core performance of this processor is still pretty good but it cannot do a lot of things with just 2 cores. The processor frequency stands at 3.40GHz and it cannot be boosted to its max because 3.40GHz is the maximum you can go for. The processor also supports DDR3 RAM, so you can buy 4 Gigs of RAM for a smooth experience while you are browsing on the internet or running some small applications. The multi-core performance of this processor is pretty good considering that it only consists of limited 2 cores.

You are not suggested to use a GPU with this CPU. It allows you to play some games that have little to no requirements but this is not a gaming processor by any means. The processor has built-in Intel® HD Graphics 4400 graphics for good on-screen performance. Overall, it’s the best of online browsers and regular users to run basic applications.

  • Best for little tasks
  • Good Multi-core performance
  • Considerable option for day to day usage
  • Extremely cheap
  • Just 2 Cores
  • Not for gamers

Questions You Might Have?

Are LGA 1150 Processors Outdated?

No, they aren’t outdated by any means. Many LGA processors match the performance of newly released Ryzen 3 processors. LGA 1150 processors are being widely used by gamers and business people for optimal performance.

Do LGA 1150 Sockets support DDR4?

Unfortunately, these processors don’t support DDR4 memory but still, they support DDR3 which works out pretty well.

Is LGA 1151 better than LGA 1150?

Yes, LGA 1151 are advanced motherboard processor sockets then the older LGA 1150 but still, LGA 1150 is widely used because it’s more budget-friendly and supports some amazing processors.

Can I fit an LGA 1155 Processor in LGA 1150 socket?

No, neither your motherboard processor socket nor your system BIOS will allow you to connect the 1155 Processor in LGA 1150 socket because the number of contact points between processor and socket will not match.

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