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CPUreview has poured itself into myriad benchmark results that were conducted by thousands of laptop and desktop users posted on their blogs, websites or notified us. We bring all this information together in a neat manner, where we specify the CPU specifications and their performance scores.

By comparing these scores, the users can find out how fast a particular CPU is. We have included all sorts of processors in our list – from workstations (think Intel Xeon, AMD Opteron) to desktop CPUs (Intel Core i5 / i7, AMD Phenom) to mobile and laptop grade CPUs.

How is CPU Review Done?

The CPUs are reviewed by running performance testing applications on the test computer. We always ensure that full potential of the system is evaluated. We also ensure that all CPUs in the SoC are tested. All factors such as Hyper-Threading, number of cores, and chips are taken into consideration.

So, for instance, if your computer has 4 CPUs, and each has 2 cores that use hyper-threading technology, then our benchmark test will involve 4x2 = 8 tests, all of which will be done simultaneously.

How to Let CPU Review Team Know Your System Score?

It is very simple. Just download the app called Performance Test and install it. Then, run the application. In the end, this app will calculate and give you a score. Then, let us know this score via the contact page.

Keep in mind that the results will not appear immediately on this site as our team has to enter it manually. If your CPU is already in our database, we will show an average of your score and previous one.

Latest CPU Benchmarks

Atom Z3735D

Clockspeed: 1.3 GHz, Turbo Speed: 1.8 GHz, No of Cores: 4, Max TDP: 4.4 W 960 Read More